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Showcase Sponsors

Garfield Weston Anniversary Fund – supported Showcase with an £89000 grant to support a new roof above out football pitches at our Dundee facility

Matthew Trust – have given us £30,000 to develop a partnership programme with Abertay University to support a new VR tool which will support people into work.

Big Lottery – are supporting Showcase over a three year period to run our Families Project from our Dundee facility.

Foundation Scotland – had already supported the developments required with the Roller Hockey Rink and have now given us further support to develop the new Virtual Reality Centre at our Dundee building.

Northwood Charitable Trust – have supported a number of developments and renovations with our Dundee facility.

Leng Charitable Trust – have again supported a number of areas of our work within the Dundee facility.

Social Investment Scotland – supported the original development of our Dundee facility.

Youth Link Scotland – supported showcase VR to deliver within local schools and supported our Summer of Play ‘Get into Summer’ projects. 

These are just some of the many funders who have supported our award winning Charity recently –

If you would like to contribute to SHOWCASE THE STREET and become one of our awesome sponsors please fill out our contact form or call us 01382699623 today.

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